elegant, functional web design

Honest Web makes getting online simple and manageable for small and new businesses. Got an idea?

getting online doesn't have to be difficult

Building a website for your business is often associated with many pain points - long lead times, extortionate fees, questionable monthly costs.

We want to build you a website that does exactly what you need it to, that your users love, that doesn't cost you the earth.

websites for everyone

We've built lightweight, professional-quality sites for anyone and everyone; from retail, to hospitality, to professional services.


no hidden fees - you own your content

We can build sites on all major platforms using intuitive technology that you and your team can easily manage post-launch.

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always responsive

It's no secret that most people access the web on mobile devices now, so any site we design will always look great and work perfectly on any device.

want to know more?

If you're starting your own business, refreshing your current site or simply want to know what's available to you, feel free to get in touch to schedule a consultation.